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New Body Distributorship 

Become a New Body Distributor

Abiding by the laws of nature is a way to ensure good health. Ours bodies were naturally designed to adsorb plant property and the more we adhere to this way of life the less likely we are to manifest disease or pathological conditions. Explore the world of Herbal Nutrition through one of the most trusted Herbal Products in our community for 40 years. New Body Herbs, home of the famous colon cleanser CKLS has so much more to offer in the way of perfecting your your health including Nutrient Replacement, Disease Prevention, Detox Therapy, pH Balancing, Longevity Formulas and more. 

When you become a New Body Distributors with Bojakaz Health Network you receive a 50% discount on all herb orders, continuous support for launch and maintaining your own herbal company and all the benefits of more than eight decades of combined herbal knowledge.

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